Trisha Todman

Airbnb, Senior Stakeholder Engagement and Operations Lead


Trisha Todman is the Senior Stakeholder Engagement and Operations Lead for Airbnb. She was formerly the Senior Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Wellness (DEIBW) professional, and has over a decade of experience and education around the convergence of social identity, mental health, and organizations. Trisha graduated from Florida State University with a Master of Science in Art Therapy, which was inspired by her pursuit of both Psychology and Studio Art for her undergraduate degree at Florida International University. It was at FIU that she solidified her interest in the challenges people encounter based on identity, as a lab assistant for Asia Eaton, Ph.D ( This was a thread that carried through her Art Therapy work in both nonprofit and private practice sectors, as she often worked with neurodiverse clients and members from other protected classes.

Today, Trisha serves as Senior Diversity and Belonging Business Partner for Airbnb’s Technology Platform organization, where she empowers leadership within the company to define, benchmark, and achieve their own specific goals around diversity and belonging, in alignment with the company’s overarching goals. She works closely with executives and the leaders of their teams to ensure progress against these goals. Furthermore, Trisha leads the team that oversees Airbnb’s Employee Resource Group (Airfinity) program, which supports 17 unique, active groups with over 60 chapters across Airbnb’s Global presence. As an early leader of one of Airbnb’s first established Airfinity groups, Trisha has a wealth of knowledge and experience in successfully establishing, maintaining, empowering, and evolving ERGs. Trisha has been featured in Forbes magazine as well as various DEIBW panels to share best practices with others about the importance of Employee Resource Groups, corporate mental health programs, and advancing D&I in the workplace.