About the conference

The ERG Leadership Conference connects ERG (employee resource group) members and leaders, executive sponsors, business leaders, human resources and DEI professionals and ERG experts to share and learn from established ERG authorities and one another. Key conference learnings equip leaders with the skills necessary to help them better connect with one another and contribute to healthy environments within their organizations and communities.

Participants can attend in person or virtually. This year’s theme is ENGAGE, and there will be plenty of opportunities to engage with fellow participants. Sessions consist of both speaker discussions and table breakouts or virtual breakouts to allow for participants to connect with one another and discuss various topics, share ideas, and create solutions. We encourage all participants to connect with one another after the conference to continue conversations and build collaborations.

Speakers represent local, national and global organizations, and diverse populations and industries. Sessions include panel discussions, lightening talks, small group breakouts, best practices highlights, and more.


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