Richard Mihalic

Allstate, Inclusive Diversity and Equity


Richard is an IDE Expert and brings a wealth of professional experience to his role. With a remarkable 18-year tenure at Allstate Insurance Company, he has successfully led various business areas demonstrating his expertise and dedication, and currently serves as a Manager of Business Practices & Community within the enterprise-wide Inclusive Diversity & Equity Team.

While Richard describes himself as “an insatiably creative, passionate communicator and connector,” his professional credentials speak volumes about his capabilities. Throughout his career, Richard has skillfully facilitated numerous workshops and learning opportunities, covering a diverse range of topics. His passion lies in the realm of Storytelling & Effective Communication, an area where he consistently finds intersectionality in all business dealings.

Richard’s commitment to fostering inclusivity is evident through his continued involvement as the Strategy Implementation Director of Allstate’s national PRIDE Employee Impact Group (ERG). In the past, he served as both the National PRIDE ERG President and the Membership Engagement Director, further demonstrating his leadership and dedication to advancing inclusion, diversity, and equity for the LGBTQ+ community.

As a vital member of Allstate’s IDE Team, Richard plays a crucial role in ensuring that DEIB practices are seamlessly integrated into all decision-making processes, business practices, policies, and procedures. By prioritizing inclusivity, he aims to create an environment where every employee and customer feels valued and appreciated, cultivating a culture of belonging.

When Richard is not working, he enjoys spending quality time in Detroit, MI, where he resides with his husband and their two high-school-aged daughters. Outside of his professional endeavors, Richard finds joy in live theatre, the sport of tennis, and indulging in all things Disney-related!  (Be sure to ask him about his and his husband’s “dual proposals!”)

With his professional background and unwavering dedication to fostering inclusivity, Richard is an invaluable asset and a champion for positive change inside and outside the walls of Allstate.