Nichelle Grant

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Siemens USA


Nichelle Grant is the Head of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) at Siemens USA, and she leads the employee resource groups and diversity councils. In her role, Grant’s work reaches into topics that drive change and impact Siemens’ workforce, workplace and marketplace. Her leadership helps Siemens pursue a more holistic approach to how they build a workforce mirroring the diversity of society, drive an inclusive work environment to maximize business success, use data and analytics to address customer diversity requirements, and work with stakeholders to advance D&I across U.S. industry.

Grant formerly led the Vertical Markets team in Smart Infrastructure-Regional Solutions and Services . She has more than a decade of experience with D&I and, alongside her passion and commitment to the cause, brings a 19-year tenure at Siemens developing go-to-market strategies, focusing on the customer experience and driving operational excellence.